1977 Pontiac Grand Prix - Wipers win't hide

My 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix wipers work fine , but when I turn them off they don’t parking the “hidden” position, they stop in the down position and will only go to “hide” when you turn them back on and off. Also the washers don’t work, could that be fixed by replacing the washer pump/ Thanks

There could be debris in the channel where the wipers go or the wiper arms might need to be adjusted. As for the washers, do you hear the pump motor running? If so, the line might have come loose or be leaking. If not, the pump motor may not be getting current. Check for a loose wire, blown fuse, etc. before you replace it.

Very likely the park switch has failed. I don’t see new or rebuilt wiper motors on RockAuto but I found a good used part here. Scroll down,


It is also possible the washer switch has failed and a new pump may not work. You’ll probably have to buy a pump for another car and figure out how to install it.