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Windshield Wipers That Won't Return to Home Position When Off

I’ve got a 2000 Grand Prix and it’s got a problem it can’t seem to shake. The windshield wipers, when turned off, stop in the up position rather than the home/down position. While turned on they rest in the down position between wipes, but as soon as they are turned off, up they go.

I’m a college student and the car used to be my mother’s. The problem happened when she owned it and we had the motor replaced. It fixed the problem, but not for long. After totalling my beloved Volvo I got the Grand Prix and shortly there after the problem came back.

I’ve tried turning the car off while the wipers were down to “trick” it in to fixing itself, but that’s not helped.

I’d rather not waste another $100 on another mechanic repair if this is something Dad and I might be able to tackle together.

Any suggestions?

You really need to know where the position contact is that keeps the motor running until the wipers are parked. I suspect it might be in the little transmission box associated with the motor, but you need to look in a Haynes manual for this car. It’s a reasonable thing to own if you want to take on some repair work on your own. Either google it or try Amazon for one.

GM has had many problems related to wiper function throught the years,one likely suspect is the “pulse assembly” this is the electronic module that gives the wipers their variable speed ability.

These modules are not very expensive (I guess cost is realitive) but myself I would not make any repair on a GM wiper system without replacing the pulse assembly first IMHO.

Wipers not ‘parking’ is the result of a worn wiper arm assembly, (part of the wiper motor).

I had to replace one on my '00 Olds Silhouette for the same reason.

It sounds like the cam for the park position needs to be moved 180 degrees. It is in the opposite position somehow.