'97 Pontiac Sunfire wiper parks vertically

I have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire. About a year and a half ago, the wipers quit parking when the switch is in the off position. The wipers operate fine in intermittent, low and high settings, but when I set it to off, the wipers park vertically.

Last year no problem, but this year the mechanic failed my VA state inspection, so now I need to get this fixed.

I’ve read online that it’s most likely the wiper motor, but the mechanic mentioned the module and switch (on the steering column) as possible failures.

Any ideas? Is this a DYI-friendly job?

Any help is appreciated.

http://www.automotivehelper.com/topic400535.htm Check this link.

The problem is most likely the wiper motor.

The linkage is off 180* at the motor.

Thanks for the help. The link provided by bennyandthejets helped tremendously as that was exactly the problem with my wiper motor. I managed to fix it with the metal core of a twisty-tie of all things. Passed inspection and working great. Let’s see how long that holds.