07 Grand Caravan - sticking gas pedal



My 07 GC was bought new and I have had only minor issues with it (like the window washer sprayer and such).

But over the last six months, I’ve had about 4 episodes lasting from 1-3 days each wherein the gas pedal sticks after a complete stop. In every instance the following are true:

1) The car was driven, much but not more than normal the day before without issue.

2) Outside temperature is moderate. Not very cold nor hot.

3) Sticking begins with first drive of the new day. Unsticky gas pedal can begin with any drive.

4) Sticking does not happen when in reverse gear. Only forward gears.

5) Sticking only true if you come to a complete stop…first drive, red lights, switching from reverse, not if you are already in motion and accelerating.

6) The gas pedal feels like it is pushing against something thick. It does not seem to feel like the stick is in a place far from my foot (like it might be inside or right at the floor, if this makes sense).

7)I simply and steadily push on the pedal until it releases. Though one expects a large lurch forward, any lurching is no more than a standard start forward.

8) Last time it happened (in very early December) it felt like it was more stubborn than before though all effect was the same.

9) Happens to my husband too during these episodes.

10) I have not tried oiling the pedal shaft (inside) or wiping it off - cause I don’t want to make it worse. But will if you all reccomend.

I have read some of the suggested fixes for this regarding Nisson’s and Camary and such, but I have no idea what parts they refer to. So my question is - what is the ballpark for this sort of fix? And if it is not the throttle thing mentioned in the other posts, what should I expect the Dx to be?


In the olden days if a problem was reported under warranty, and not solved it would still be covered under warranty even after the warranty expired. Could this be the case for you? Is this still the case (to the knowledgeable crowd here)
Pease explain further the symptoms, sticks in the down position, or just stiff etc.


You’re describing is what happens when deposits form in the throttle body at the throttle plate. If you mean is when you first step on the accelerator there’s a resistance in the gas pedal, and then all of a sudden it pops free and works normally, the throttle body needs cleaning to remove these deposits.



If a problem was reported under warranty, and not solved it would still be covered under warranty even after the warranty expired.

It is called the lemon law: Check out the following two sites:




This started right about 38000 miles, so just after warranty expiration. Thanks though, I’ll try it anyway.


During an episode, it will do this everytime you attempt to go “kinectic”. So for instance, I’ll reverse out of the drive first thing in the morning. When I try to go forward it sticks. I feel resistance that feels like you were pushing through something soft but impenetrable). I push through it and go. Then if I do a rolling stop at the end of the cul-de-sac, alls fine. When I full stop to enter the busy street, it sticks. Then it will stick at the red light. And after I pull away from the drive-through window/resturaunt/atm. But does not stick if I just slow and reaccelerate (in traffic, school zones, etc)- only after a full stop. It can go on like this for 2/3 of a day or 3 days. Once it stops sticking (which just happens, no drama, I just push and there’s no resistance), it doesn’t stick again until the next episode weeks/months later.


Have the throttle body cleaned. Because what you describe is is caused from a gummed up throttle body.