Sticking gas pedal

The gas pedal of my 05 Chrysler Pacifica occasionally seems to run into an obstacle that prevents gas from flowing. (It’s not hte floor mat.) I can fix this by shifting to neutral and stomping down hard. Then it works fine for weeks until it decides to act up again. While this hasn’t been dangerous–it never sticks ON–I’d like to fix it. Suggestions?

It is very possible that your throttle body is gummed up.
If that turns out to be the problem, your mechanic should be able to clean it.

A cable from the pedal to the throttle body ? Or is the throttle sensor on the pedal under the dash ?
Either way look to see if anything could be moving into the way once in a while.

Under the dash look for and test wiggle, push, and pull things that just might move into the way. ( cover panels, wire harnesses, carpet corners etc.)

Under the hood, same thing. Test move any levers and look near by for the possibility of interference from adjacent items. Test wiggle covers and harnesses or anything else which could be jiggled loose or moved by air flow or road bumps.

If it’s a throttle body type, look in the throat at the baffle while you move it. stress outward and inward on the lever as you move it to feel and look for any interference. ( I have seen some butterflies wear a groove on the side of the housing that the spring tension holds against. )

If it has a cable, look at the exposed cable at the end for any fraying.

There are lots of other hits if you do a web search for “2005 pacifica throttle”