99 Toyota Camry sticking gas pedal


Our Toyota has 130,000 miles, 4 cyl, automatic. Gas pedal sticks sometimes, sometimes not. Have sprayed lubricants on the mechanisms under the engine but have not solved. Can someone give some advice before I have to take it to the mechanic? Thanks!


There is virtually nothing under the engine related to the gas pedal. Clean the throttle body first. You can remove the cable and work the throttle by hand to see if it is sticking. Then work the cable and see if that is the problem. The cable might need some lubrication.


Many different symptoms might be called “sticking gas pedal”. If you mean that when you start from a stop, the pedal does not go down at first, and then suddenly goes down and sends you off with a lurch, then the problem is likely a dirty throttle body. The butterfly valve is sticking on some crud accumulated inside there. Pull off the air intake hose (about 3" diameter) going into the throttle body; you might have to move some other pieces. Push the butterfly valve open (you can probably feel it stick), spray in some cleaner, and wipe it out with a rag. Verify that the butterfly moves freely, put it all back together, and enjoy your Camry.