Sticky gas pedal


My daughter has a 1999 Acura TL. The accelerator (gas pedal) has recently started sticking. That is when you press down on it it sticks, causing you to apply additional pressure, so that when it finally releases it causes the car to jump forward. Is this something easily fixed?


The sticking gas pedal might be from carbon deposits in the throttle body.

Remove the intake duct from the throttle body, and have someone hold the pedal to the floor, and using throttle body cleaner, spray inside the throttle body. Repeat this as the gas pedal is operated.



Get it fixed before a major accident! If you don’t, tell me where she is, so I can avoid being on the road with her!


You may need to use a tooth brush to clean it good


You should really take it somewhere. This is probably a simple linkage issue or the carbon issue tester describes, so it’ll probably be a cheap repair and this is a dangerous problem so you need to make sure it gets fixed right.


This exact thing happened to my car when my father was the owner. No worries, but follow Tester’s instructions or take it somewhere to get the above done, before you have an accident. Good luck.