Gas Pedal Locking

I have a 2001 Camry. The gas pedal locks up after I do a complete stop at light or stop sign. I have to push on it really hard to unlock it, and the car jumps and then it drives normal. This problem just started today. Please let me know if it might be the cable or maybe something with brakes.


The problem might be with a sticky throttle body.

This is easily verified by removing the intake duct from the throttle body, and while holding the throttle open, spray the throttle body with an aerosol throttle body/air intake cleaner. Then operate the throttle.


Thank You I will try that. If anyone has any other suggestions please post it.

Move the throttle by hand inside the engine, then try the pedal. If it seems smooth by hand with out the cables being involved then also check the floor mat around the gas pedal. some times these slide around and get stuck against the pedal.

Visually look at the end of the cable at the throttle body as someone works it .
( Years ago Ford had a recall having to do with the length of the protective shell there, but I’m not sure of the look of your camry’s. )

Where the cable exits the tubing it slides in, there may be a shell that slides in and out with the cable and is a larger diameter than the tubing, sliding over it so that no actual cable is exposed.
In the Ford situation that shell was just short enough that if it became dislodged from the end, it could become trapped between that sliding end and the stationary tube housing.

Yours could be acting similar. Watch as the cable moves to see if theres something catching there.
If you can see exposed braided cable, look for signs of peelig or fraying right there where it enters the tubing.

I removed the mat and put it in my trunk. Its not the mat but I was thinking the same thing. Thanks though.

Tester is , as usual, right on with the most likely cause. I had the same problem with my 2000 Camry (when it was only 3 or 4 years old). Based on several appearances of the problem on this forum, I took it to my trusted independent mechanic (I was too wimpy then to do it myself, but it’s really easy). He sprayed, and also used a rag to wipe it out; said he could feel the ridge of crud that was catching the throtttle. Took him about ten minutes.

It might be good to check for broken motor mounts as well.