Sticky gas pedal



I have a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe and the accelerator sticks. I’ve had it back to the dealership for service a number of times, but they have not been able to determine the cause, nor have they been able to fix it. The problem is not only annoying, but it bad weather, it’s dangerous, as I am unable to accelerate slowly in a smooth manner; when I press on the gas pedal, it isn’t smooth, causing the car to jump forward when it finally engages. Has anyone else had this problem?


Find a good independent mechanic. Stay away from dealers for any service or repair not covered by the warranty.


If the pedal sticks when you are starting up, and is OK once you get going, then this sounds like crud in the throttle body. Very easy to fix. If it sticks at speed, then I’m not sure.

BTW, somebody here will chime in and suggest thta you go to a good independent mechanic rather than the dealer, unless the car is still under warranty.


Do you feel that the pedal is sticking or the engine is not accelerating smoothly? Does the pedal move easily? Is this an engine or transmission problem?


It’s not an engine or transmission problem. The pedal is sticking.


Same problem with a '98 Honda Accord, 4 cyl auto trans. I bought a can of throttle body cleaner for $3-$4 and used it every 12k miles and have had no recurrences. I just bought a second can at 190k miles.

Remove rubber duct between air cleaner and throttle body. Hold the butterfly open and spray the cleaner inside the throttle body. Scrub with an old toothbrush. Wipe with a rag. Reasssemble. I do this every 12k miles as a routine maintenance and have had no repeats of sticky throttle.


Thanks - we’ll give it a try.


Last time I saw this (about 25 years ago)…it was the cable itself. The solution was to replace the cable. Disconnect the cable and try to determine where it’s sticking. It’s either the pedel, cable or throttle body.