05 Chrysler T&C washer spray

05 Chrysler T&C washer spray will only work with hood up and the hood down but not locked. Once locked the washer spray will not work. I tried crimping the small hose front left that that I thought might be the washer sprayer supply but the spray still worked with the hood up. Has anyone seen and solved this problem before?

That sounds kind of strange. Have you checked the hoses to make sure they were getting pinched somewhere by the hood?

I not sure I can identify the supply hose for the washer spray with certianty.

my washer reservoir has some foreign mess in it and needs cleaning. How can I take the thing out to clean it?

The windshield washer hose enters the windshield wiper plenum from the bottom on the right side. Follow the hose back towards the reservior, you might find that it is being pinched by the right hood hinge.