Need help with window washer not working

i have a 2004 hyundai sante fe automatic. the window washer fluid will not come out of the sprayers for the windshield or the rear door window washer. i have had no trouble until now. i have just filled the washer fluid reservoir this last week for the first time since i purchased it new in 2005. the spray for the windshield stopped spraying and this was my first indication that the fluid was empty. now you will say that is a long time to empty. each time i have had an oil change service, they have filled it so it has not lasted 2 yrs.

since i filled it from empty, the spray worked for only one spray and has now quit. i read the manual to see if i had done something wrong, but the only thing i read it did wrong, is i let it become emplty. the manual says to never let this reservoir become empty.

what can i do to get the pressure or flow started again?

Time to prime the pump. It pumps fluids well, but does not do much good with air. You now have air in there.

The problem is I am not sure how to go about priming it.  

Maybe just waiting a few days.  Maybe trying it once a day.  

I would think that if you could put a little air pressure on that fluid and keep in on while you hit the spray, that would do it. 

OK one more possibility.  Is it at all possible that since this was the first time you filled it that you may have filled the wrong thing?  Maybe you filled the radiator reservoir?

Regarding Josephs last comment, you ARE aware which is which?

Honestly, some don’t.

As said make sure you have the right tank full. Then when you use the washer do you hear the motor make a noise or no? If yes then the air in the system has to get out. Try and try again, just intermittently so you don’t burn the motor.