2005 Chrysler Crossfire - Convertible top trouble

convertible top does not work the pump will not even run

Too bad. What help would you like us to give you?

From a crossfire forum, apologies if you’ve already checked this stuff

Here is how it all works (not the whole story, but most of it):

WHen you turn the crank, a switch in the windshield frame closes, this tells the TCM that you have unlatched the top. The TCM tells the BCM to lower the windows. Since your windows go down, this switch is fine.

When you push the top up and away from the frame, a little switch in the top frame, up above the passenger’s head, closes. This switch is wired in series with the divider switch in the trunk. The two together apply a ground to the TCM that tells it that is it ok to start the pump.

So, you hit the button and the following happens:
The TCM checks to see that the trunk lid is fully closed via a switch that I THINK is in the lid (never really confirmed this).
The TCM then (and you can hear this) electrically locks the trunk lid closed (so that no idiot can open your trunk while the deck lid is raised). Once the cam throws a switch indicating to the TCM that the lid had locked, the pump starts running.

Of course, if you are going over 9 mph, the TCM disables the pump.

So, the first thing to check is - are the top open switch (over the passenger’s head) and the divider switch (in the trunk) both closed, providing the ground needed to the TCM? These two switches are PROBABLY the most common failure items. Several times, when people look at the top open switch, they report that it has fallen apart!

THe only way you, yourself can confirm they are both OK is to open the trunk, wrestle the liner apart, and measure the voltage at the connector on the TCM with the divider UP and the top unlatched and pushed away from the windshield frame.

Visually inspect the top open switch. We can go from there. The electric cam/lock in the trunk lid has almost NEVER been found to be the issue.
The divider and top open switches are your first suspects" (Post #5 in the link below)