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2008 Chryler T & C Electrical Issue

For the past 2 days, my T&C has been going crazy! When I turn the ignition, nothing on the dash board comes on; however, my windshield wipers are going on in spite of the fact that they are turned off! The call will not move when put in drive or reverse and the windows, power doors, sunroof, radio, navigation system, etc will not work. Usually after an hour things start working fine. What is going on with this? I haven’t had it in the shop yet but I’m not sure what to expect. It only has 18,000 miles on it. Anyone else have the same problem?

If this car is under warranty then why are you waiting to take it to the dealer???

The trouble could be due to a problem with the ignition switch or a bad connection to power at the power panel under the hood. You should have some warranty left to have this problem fixed for free.