04’ Honda Pilot No codes, no noise from the engine, will not start

04’ Honda Pilot, won’t start and it has no codes, no check engine light or any warning lights. Battery died from sitting but even with a jump there’s nothing. No sounds at all from the car engine. Can the transmission be stuck in drive? I drove it to the store, parked, turned the car off and it never started again. When I put a battery tender on and turn the key all the lights on the dash board turn on for a split seconds and I noticed the P (park) and D (drive) light, both light up green. Then only the P (park) stays lit up green, and all other electrical stuff works Windows go up and down, dome lights turn on and door chimes if left open. But the engine is silent. No clicks, no cranking nothing. Any help is appreciated.

I would suggest your battery failed internally. It will not charge and you won’t be able to jump it. I’d suggest you take it out, take it to an auto parts store and have it tested. I beleive it will fail spectacularly.


If the battery went completely dead, it may take a few hours for the battery tender to charge the battery so it has enough power to operate the starter.


Sorry it’s my first post. I edited it, so hopefully it’s a little clearer. It’s not the battery,

What is its voltage after charge? What is its cold-cranking amps after charge?

If you have not had it tested, you don’t know it is not the battery.

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even with your original post edits, it still may be the battery. starting your engine is the biggest draw on your battery. Your batter may have enough “ummph” to run lights, windows, etc, but not enough to turn over the engine.

Have it tested. if it has already been tested, recheck the battery cable connections and verify they are all clean and tight.

you can have your battery tested at most auto parts stores for free. I also think its your battery.

I have a battery tester. And an obd scanner and much more, also I just bought the battery this year. I can test it and get back to u with those numbers

I also took the battery out to try and get to the starter so that I can test it. It’s just super difficult to reach with my super short arms lol.

My battery recently failed. It was the OEM battery in my 2017 Accord. All the accessories worked, but I couldn’t start it. The car would start with a power pack though. I took the car to a parts store to test the battery, but they had a battery recharging in the tester. Since my batteries usually last four years, I just bought one. That was Sunday and the car still starts without problem. Yup, bad battery. Don’t be surprised if yours is bad too.

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Charging a regular car battery with a typical charge amp of around 4-8 amperes will take about 10-24 hours to charge it fully. To boost your battery enough to be able to start the engine, it would take around 2-4 hours. The best way to maintain a long life for your car battery is by recharging it slowly.Oct 22, 2020


I tested the cables and fuses with a continuity tester. My cousin said his next step would be an advanced electrical diagnostic test with his machine but says it’s very time consuming due to how he has to test each wire in each harness singularly.

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I bought the battery this year. And it tests good. I’ve tried to jump it with a power pack and there is nothing from the engine not a fuel pump hum not a slight turn over crank. And even with a bad battery there is always some sort of noise from the engine when u supply a power source

I even took the battery out and hooked my power pack up to it. (Same kind they use at car auctions to turn the cars on). Idk if u have ever turned ur car off while In drive then tried to turn it back on in drive. There’s nothing. It’s like that

Ya I learned the hard way about batteries when I worked on my street bike.(nightmare) So the battery was the first thing I tested. So I am absolutely positive it’s not the battery.

That’s because the park/neutral safety switch prevents the starter from operating if the transmission is in drive.


Which is my theory. I think it’s stuck in drive

Do u know if I can over ride, or manually get the gear to change. Like I said, when I turn the key all the lights turn on like they do in every car, and the Drive and Park both light up green then only the Park light stays lit along with all the normal gauges. No warning lights and no codes

Have you tried starting it in neutral, foot on the brake?

is this a manual transmission? or automatic? (I’m guessing a Pilot would be automatic.) it’s possible the neutral safety switch has failed. Can you move the shifter to neutral and try to start it?

You may be able to bypass the neutral switch by putting a 12v wire directly to the ignition feed of the starter solenoid, but if the vehicle really is in drive, you run the risk of running yourself over. Be careful with that.

it’s also possible the starter died.

But start with the battery. Test and post results. Start easy. :slight_smile: