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Honda Pilot won't turn over

Hi, folks. Our Pilot has started having an intermittent problem where it won’t turn over, just a single click when you turn the key. The rest of the electrical things work. We recently had all of the sparkplug cables replaced 'cause of rats chewing. We had it towed to the dealer; they kept it overnight but it started for them. Ideas?

May be a problem with the starter solenoid. Next time it won’t start, try tapping the starter with a hammer and turning the key again. If that works, it’s an indication that the starter solenoid is going bad.

Could also be a bad neutral safety switch (if you have an automatic trans) which is supposed to prevent the engine from starting unless the transmission is in “Park.” Sometimes the switches stick or go bad and prevent starting even when the trans is in Park. Try shifting the shifter back and forth a few times to free up the switch.

Sounds to me like the first thing to do is just pull & clean all of the battery connections - both ends. Then have a full test of the charging system done. There’s no need to pay a dealer for such things. Local, independent shops can handle this as well as anyone else. The charging system checks can be had for free at many auto parts shops.

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Guess what? We get the truck towed to a shop. Right before we left, the AAA driver tried to start it and it wouldn’t. We get to the shop and miraculously, it starts, 5 times in a row. I think your connection ideas are good. I don’t know what the solenoid looks like, but something is getting banged the next time it acts up!

If the rats chewed your plug wires more than likely they chewed others too. Probably have a wire partially chewed through or something. Makes contact sometimes and not other times might explain why it starts intermittently.

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Guess what again? My husband confidently drove the truck to Garden Grove (@15 miles) to pick up 5 (five) compost bins and once he had it loaded, it wouldn’t start. Towed to the shop again. This time it wouldn’t start for them either. So we’ll see what they diagnose. I don’t get how they just send a person away if they can’t duplicate the problem. Shouldn’t they poke and prod anyhow, even if the patient is not currently puking?

What was the diagnosis? This has been happeninghappening for almost 2 years and Honda thinks we are crazy

The person who started this thread has been gone for 6 years and never posted a solution. Please start your own thread with year, miles and what you have been told and the replies will be strictly for you.