04’ Honda Pilot No codes, no noise from the engine, will not start

Shift though each gear position and see if the indicator lights show each position.

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I presume you mean it doesn’t crank – that rr rrr rrr sound – with the key in start. If the battery is known to be good and fully charged, most likely this is a problematic neutral safety switch or ignition switch. Could be an anti-theft system problem as well. Less likely, starter motor problem. Ask your shop to measure the “s” terminal of the starter motor with the key in “start”. It should measure at least 10.5 volts.

What did you test it with, just using a voltmeter isn’t good enough.


this is what I have to test my batteries. you need to use something like this.

Amazon.com: SOLAR Digital 12V Battery and System Tester : Automotive

Can’t get it into neutral

That makes me think battery. When my battery failed las week, I tried to switch to neutral from park and it wouldn’t move. No problem with the new battery. I know yours is a fairly new battery, but they can go bad quickly. Also, we know when it was installed, but not when it was manufactured. Take a picture of the top of the battery and post it. We can decode the alphanumerics to determine that. I replaced the battery on one of my cars about 20 years ago and two new batteries failed within a week or two of installation.

Not being able to shift the transmission moves it out the ‘bad battery’ problem into something bigger, in my opinion. Broken shift mechanism? I don’t know.

@jtsanders - what model/year car? Why would a bad battery keep it from shifting?

2017 Honda Accord EX-L 4-cyl with a CVT. I don’t know why it occurred, just that it did. I had my foot on the brake, too.

I think we are going to see this problem more often with newer vehicles. even the new C8 corvette has this problem. if the battery dies you can not put the car into neutral. tow truck drivers would have to put rear wheels on wheel dollys to get it on the tow truck. from what I have heard chevy dealers have a special tool there techs have to get it into neutral. but 1 person has to hold it on the tranny while someone else pushes the vehicle into the shop. crazy.

Brake-shift interlock has been around since the 1990’s, most are solenoid operated.

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Yep, could be a dead battery causing the no-shift. So time to charge the battery fully, then test it.