2005 Honda Pilot cranks without start

My 2005 Honda Pilot EX will not start. It cranks but no start. All I hear is one click and the fuel pump coming on but that’s is it nothing else.

I replace the stare in July of 2021
I also replaced the alternator in may of 2021
checked the fuses to see if they were blown but they are all good.

please explain. does the engine spin over and not start or do you get 1 click from the starter and not start. if its the latter then have your battery checked first. and make sure connections are clean and tight.

Its 1 click and no start the battery is brand new I bout it on monday and the terminals are on there tight

it could be a defective starter even though its only a few months old. especially if its a reman starter like the auto parts brand. I have had it happen before on my sons car. also check to see the connections on the starter did not come loose.

I feel like that’s not the problem because I always over tighten thing but I’ll check on that but you must also know that this problem started after I installed 2 12 in subs I figure that if i disconnect the subs and charge the battery it should start up but no i also tried to jump start it but it didn’t work

if the battery is new and its charged up, I think it has to do with the starter. the starter is not turning the motor over. you can try wacking the starter with a hammer a few times. sometimes but not always you can get it to work. if it does work then it needs to be replaced. should still be under the auto parts warranty… if it does not work I would still replace it under the warranty. maybe others here have a different idea of the problem, but thats my thoughts.

Okay thank you for the help

Then you are not cranking… Cranking is when the engine is turning but not actually starting.

Yeah, the subs likely drained your battery down to nearly nothing because they are hooked directly to a constant 12 volts and the amps never turn off… so the battery runs down to nothing. The amp needs to be attached to a switched voltage line.

Which also likely means you replaced the starter for no reason at all and maybe got a bad one.

If the battery was really drained, a jump would not start the car. The battery would need to be charged overnight… and may have been wrecked from constant dis-charging.


That was true a couple of decades ago when the starter casing was made of cast iron.Today, the casing are made with alluminum that you can easily break or distort if you wack on it with a hammer…bad idea!

The starter’s “s” terminal should measure at least 10.5 volts with the key in “start”. Measure between the terminal and the starter case. Does it? Auto or manual transmission?

when i changed the starter it was actually bad. and the subs I installed them 1 week ago. I figured to disconnect the amp form the batter and took the battery to O’Reilly to charge it but it didn’t turn on so i took it back to charge it more and i also took the starter to see if it was bad and they said it was good so I’m putting that back in. It’s a automatic.

Not a good move. You don’t have charger. If, you remove battery to take it to place to have it checked and charged. And do it again? How much is your time worth? Buy a new battery. And a charger. And get rid of subs.
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