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04 Honda CRV brake pads

Years ago i changed brake pads on some cars that i owned. Taking advantage of a rebate deal i bought new pads for my 04 Honda crv. Does replacing the pads require special tools? Is this a relatively easy job for a backyard mechanic who last changed an engine in a "63 plymouth valiant convertible back in the early 70"s??

You should be able to it. You just need to retract the piston back into the caliper. A large C-clamp will do that. However, before doing the brake job loosen the bleeder screws at the calipers. Then before retracting the pistons back into the calipers, open the bleed screws and let the brake fluid come out thru the bleeders instead of being forced back up into the ABS unit. Seen a lot of ABS units get messed up from not doing this.


Your '63 Plymouth had 9" drums and brake shoes, not pads…You will find installing new brake pads much easier than replacing brake shoes…Testers advise is good…

difference is the old fluid is ‘cruddy’ and if you force it back through the system it will clog/contaminate the abs system. follow the pad shims (if there on the old ones) make sure they are replaced in order, and with some pad grease/glue to make the shimmy/chatter not show up.

maybe buy a chiltons or haynes for your wellbeing.

big thanks

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The OP said he changed pads on “some cars” he owned, not the '63.
He changed the engine on the '63.

Let’s not correct a mistake he didn’t make.

One additional suggestion to add to Tester’s excellent advice.

I like to take a small clear plastic bottle with a short bit of clear tubing from the bleeder to the bottom if the bottle, fill it 1/2 up with brake fluid, and hang it by the bleeder. That way, when you push the caliper in, the fluid in the cylinder pushes through the tube and into the bottle, the air bubble burps out the fluid in the bottle, and any drawback pulls fresh pure fluid back into the cylinder rather than air.

excellent tip, a great refinement thanks to good planning and experience, makes me think that when the weather gets maybe 20 - 30 above freezing, i will jack up the car and see if i can make sense of the parts i bought, what i see in front of me and the good advice i have gotten. My appreciation, thanx