VOLVO - Changing Brake Pads?

My dear brother-in-law and I are going to change the brake pads on my Volvo 740.

Is there anything we need to know that would make changing these DIFFERENT than changing them on an American car?


If the vehicle has ABS, crack open the bleeders on the calipers and then close them prior to removing the calipers. Then when you go to push the piston in, open the bleeder so the brake fluid can escape out the bleeder instead of being pushed back into the ABS pump.


Hm. I don’t think it has ABS. It’s a 1992 Volvo 740. I should check. THANK YOU!! :slight_smile:

This morning, the ABS light came on briefly (so I guess I do have ABS!) and went back off within a second or two. Is that related to needing new pads? Or something worse?