03 Ford E-250 turns but won't start

Work van refuses to turn over. Starter works like a charm but engine won’t start unless ether is sprayed into the intake.

From your advice more likely to be the fuel pump? When it turns over with starter fluid it basically dies as soon as it burns the spray.
Looking for advice. Thanks in advance

If the computer doesn’t see a signal from the crank sensor, the fuel pump won’t run.


Can i get a run down on What you mean by that?
Why would the computer not get a signal from the crank sensor? (I’m a novice at working on vehicles)

Crank sensors fail.


If you key to RUN but don’t crank it and hear a hum from the fuel tank, your pump is OK and the crankshaft position sensor may be dead. If you don’t hear a hum, your pump might be dead

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Is there a fuel inertia fuel shutoff switch under the glove box on the floor? Had this problem on a '93 Explorer. I took the switch out and jumped the connectors.

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If problem was faulty crank sensor, how could engine still start & run briefly with a dose of starter spray?

Note to OP: Suggest to use less ambiguous nomenclature for best results here. “cranks ok” means starter motor makes the normal rrr rrr rrr sound with key in “start” and engine rotates, as evidenced by belts moving. “runs” means engine rotates on it own after starting. “starts” means engine cranks ok, catches, and then runs on its own. Best to avoid ambiguous terms like “turns”, “turns-over” etc.

Check for this. (although, I have always found them on the passenger side of the vehicle.