01 Subaru Forester headlights won't stay on

Hello! When I use the turn signal (as everyone should!) my headlights go out. The “stick” is very sensitive and doesn’t keep the lights on. Mechanics are suggesting $250 to replace this (labor too?!). Surely someone has had this problem and fixed it for less. Thanks!

The problem may be due to dirty contacts in the switch. You would have to take the switch apart to get at them.

It depends on what’s required to replace the multi-function switch. Some vehicles it just requires removing a plastic panel below the steering wheel. And on others, it requires removing the steering wheel which involves the air-bag. So the cost of this repair depends on the price of the part, and what’s involved to swap it out.

So ask if the $250.00 includes parts and labor.


Thanks for your reply. I think it did include parts and labor.

I’ll ask if they can do that first. Thanks for your reply!