No brake lights or turn signals

Does anyone know about what the cost might be for fixing replacing the turn signal switch on an 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, we just bought it “As is” and discovered that the brake lights and turn signals do not work it. Did some poking around on the internet and found that it might be the turn signal switch, but was wondering what a Mechanic might charge to fix this issue, as we don’t want to the DIY. :>



I think those circuits run though the emergency flasher switch so try cycling that switch a few times to see if that helps. Also see if the flashers work. I assume you have already checked for bad fuses.

Yes we have checked for bad fuses.

What I am curious about is, “About how much will a mechanic charge to fix something like that?”, as we do not want to be DIY’ers. We don’t have the time, or tools for that. I go to school and work and my son has school and tennis practice/games and chorus practice and events. We stay pretty busy… and again, No, we did not know of the brake issue prior to purchase as the auto lot did not disclose it and it was an “As Is” sale.

The multi-function switch will have to be replaced. It’s a common repair on most GM vehicles. The cost of the switch is around $150 at most auto parts. I don’t recommend a used one because most GM products are prone for this condition. I don’t recommend replacing it yourself either because it’s a bear and it’s extremely dangerous due to the air-bag system. Labor is around $200 because it’s time consuming and hard to replace. I don’t recommend dealerships either. Hope this helps.

Thank you Missileman. That gives us hope. I know that not all mechanics will probably charge the same. We did find a switch at a local shop that is about half the price. So we feel maybe it can be done. Thank you for your reply. This helps a lot. :>