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Suburban headlights

I have a 2003 Chevy Suburban. the headlights have started cutting off. We find that when we put the tilt steering wheel in the most upright position, the lights will work, other wise, they just shut off. What could the problem be and is it affordable to fix?

Probably an issue with the wiring going to the dimmer switch part of the multi-function switch.

The cost of having it repaired could be substantial because the air bag may need to be removed and the steering column opened up. The airing harness that’s suspect goes through the steering column. It may be chafed where the column articulates.

I could be wrong, it may not require the amount of disasembly I’m envisioning, so you may want to stop at a GM shop and let them look at it.

Do you have normal “high beam” “low beam” function? if you don’t have the lights switching can you still feel the switch working and hear the “click”? I am thinking the rod that runs down to the high/low switch is not in its grove or the switch is damaged.