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Honda Odyssey motor mount problem

My Honda dealer just found two broken motor mounts on our 2004 Odyssey at about 65,000 miles. He says they are finding broken motor mounts frequently on the Odysseys in the 60,000-100,000 mile range, even though they are not a routine maintenance item. (I have to admit I have not heard of routine problems with motor mounts before.)
<br/> The dealer says that despite his impression that this is an unusually frequent problem with Odysseys (and I think he said 6-cylinder Accords), Honda has not decided to do a recall or provide any other relief to the customer.
<br/> In our case, it is not under warranty. These are some kind of hydraulic motor mounts and therefore very expensive.
<br/> First, is anyone aware of a problem with Odyssey motor mounts above and beyond the expected wear and tear? It is usual for a car to break motor mounts at this age if it has not been in some kind of wreck or violent driving?
<br/> Second, are there any suggestions for recourse if this is a problem of poor design that is costing consumers hundreds of dollars per mount?
<br/> Thanks!!!


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    This is a time to get some bids from some independent mechanics. I show the motor mount as costing $60 or so, with lifetime parts warranty (Advance Auto). I suspect the Honda part is much higher and comes with less warranty. I suspect labor will be expensive, but it would pay to get the after market mounts with a life parts warranty in this case.

    While I agree with you that 4 yrs and 65K miles sounds premature for replacement, Honda or any other car manufacturer is not obligated to conduct a recall or do anything if a part doesn't meet its expected life. Your recourse is to purchase some other vehicle next time.
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    I do recall several other people posting about problems with Odyssey motor mounts over the past couple of years. That recollection is not a scientific study regarding the possibility of a wide-spread problem with that part, but the "dealer's" statement does seem to jive with my recollection.

    Unless Honda of America decides to help you with a "good will" warranty on this part, then you have little choice but to pay for the repair yourself. It wouldn't hurt to contact Honda of America's Customer Service staff and politely ask for monetary assistance with this repair. If you have consistently had the car serviced by the dealership, then you have a better chance of some assistance.
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    FWIW, I have my 2004 Odyssey at the dealer today and was told that I have a cracked motor mount also. I asked the same question about longevity and he said they typically see it in the 60-100K mileage range and that no specific driving habit or style seems to induce it. His opinion was that it is more likely to occur with city driving due to the frequent start/stops and the torque that is exhibiting twisting force on the motor mounts as you accelerate from a stop.

    I've never had a car to this point crack a motor mount and I've had several front wheel drive vehicles with over 120K miles each that have never exhibited this.

    Also, FWIW, he stated that for the specific mount that is cracked on my '04, it would cost $400 parts and labor to repair. I do not know how that stacks up to your estimate, but would be curious. He did mention that it is not urgent for me to repair it now, but wanted me to be aware of the issue before one of the other mounts cracks.
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    One of them was about $400 and the other was about $180, I think.
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    I have an Acura MDX, which is built on the same platform. On an MDX message board that I follow, I do notice an above-average number of complaints about motor mounts. I think this is a bit of a weak spot here.
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    Your only chance is to write Honda and express your dissatisfaction of the brand. They possibly will goodwill part or all of it especially if you service the vehicle at one of their dealers(note that if true).

    Good luck.

    All vehicle makes even preceived golden Toyota's and Honda's have issues. Thankfully no matter what the brand the majority are relatively problem free.

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    I have found that previous years cannot be compared to the newer models' mounts as they are designed to improve safety (ie. breakaway mounts that will allow the engine to fall down and under the vehicle in the event of an accident instead of being a projectile into the cabin) and increase the safety rating of the van. The drawback is that a jarring pothole, hitting a speedbump too fast, a poorly constructed bridge connector or other minor impact will start the clock ticking on the premature failure of the front mount. Once the first one goes, the others are now taking on the extra strain and are sure to follow.

    However... safety rating sells cars... Innovation sometimes has side effects and the lesser evil is decided by the consumer.
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    I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey and the honda car dealer just told me that I have three cracked motor mounts! Costs me $1500 to get it fixed. I only have 82,000 miles on my van. It does not seem right to me to have such a major problem so early on this vehicle. My mechanic told me the same thing yours did is a problem with the hydraulic motor mount on all Honda (even Accura) 6-cylinder vehicles. I am considering calling Honda of America to complain about this problem too. Did anyone have any luck when calling Honda Corp? I seriously think that this is a defect in their design ...
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    I had my front motor mount replaced on my 2002 Odyssey along with my recalled transmission in Oct.07 with 91,000 miles on my car. I now have 120,000 miles on my car and I just had my idle speed control replaced for $515.00 and have been told at the same time that my side and rear motor mounts are broken and the front is stretched and ready to go. I can have all replaced for the bargain price of $924.00! Yes, I believe there is a problem with the motor mounts on the Odyssey and now I am in a confused what to do. I just had the water pump replaced a few months ago. I feel like I have a lemon.
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    I also have a motor mount problem on my Honda Odyssey 2006 with only 39k miles. The dealer says the repair will cost $1590 to fix (includes replacing the subframe). This seems like a manufacture defect to me with such short mileage and only 3 1/2 years. Was anyone successful in getting Honda to pay for the repair?
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