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Motor Mount

Is there a better solution, other than the Honda dealership, to fix the front, side and rear motor mount? I have invested enough money by taking my vehicle in for the normal scheduled maintenance.

Any decent independent mechanic can replace a motor mount. They’re not that difficult to replace.

The big question is WHY??? Motor mount replacement is rare? More and more companies try to MAKE money by getting people to pay for unneeded repairs.

Get a second opinion from a non Honda affiliated repair shop. Don’t tell them what Honda said and ask them to look your vehicle over and see what they recommend.

What’s wrong with the car?


Motor mount replacement is NOT rare on Odysseys and Pilots. In fact, in addition to transmission problems, worn-out mounts are one of the significant repair issues that owners have with these vehicles.

Could be…not familiar with either of those vehicles…I do know on other vehicles I’ve RARELY ever seen a bad motor mount even after 20 years and 400k miles.