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Honda Odyssey- Broken Motor Mounts

I am sitting at the Honda dealership as I write this. I have just been informed that my 2002 Honda Odyssey with 62,000 miles has three broken motor mounts. This sounds awful odd to me. Any thoughts from the Car Talk crowd?

I had the same problem…it may be a common design defect or may be impacted by the 2x transmission replacements we’ve needed so far. I guess the third alternative is a common “revenue enhancement strategy”. Much on this vehicle was underdesigned for its weight: brakes, suspension, power steerring, transmission. Comes form putting a big heavy box on a mid-sized sedan (Accord) platform. Still cheaper to fix it than the replace it.

Yes…I agree. The engine torque from excelleration seems to be breaking the front mount which will cause the others to break as well. Definitely a design issue. I am pushing back on Honda America to repair it.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who (1) has had this problem and (2) has had luck getting Honda to pay for this. 2004 with 58k miles, always dealer serviced on schedule, and they want $600 for the front engine mount.

Honda dealership replaced transmission on 2000 ODY at 80k, 2007; had 105k service 12/08; cat converter 1/09; IAC valve replaced 2/09(P0505); transmission failed, to be replaced free of charge 2/09; Dealer says motor mounts are bad and need $500 replacement. Read that it is standard to replace them whenever transmission is removed. Opened case with American honda, will now see how much of these other failures Honda will cover. If they will not include motor mounts, I will take it to independent shop. Also: dealer charged $163 to pull all codes but did not give me print out of results. I believe they knew transmission was failing so will now insist on receiving print out. I will post again when I know the final outcome. Ody owners should visit NHTSA complaint site. This is the worst car I have ever owned and I will not buy another Honda.

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Had an indep. shop check out motor mounts–2 are broken and they would charge $800 to replace, so I think dealership has given me a break on that as well as the free transmission. I should just be grateful.

I had the same problem, broken motor mount my mileage is about 60K and been driving in the city. Odyssey have a poor engine structure i might say, i wondered if this only occurs in odyssey.

i replaced my engine mount last year and now my lower control arm for the odyssey is broken, the bushing is broken do i still have to replace the whole control arm assembly?

I just found out that my motor mounts need to be replaced on an "05 Odyssey with 49K!
Kaufman Tire said it would cost around $500, probably much less than the dealership. After all the cars I’ve had, this is the first Honda and first motor mount issue. Never even heard of this but my husband said his '65 Camaro went through them very quickly years ago. This Odyssey is very noisy and jumpy. Anyone else have any comments? Thanks!