Honda odyssey

motor mounts

has anyone had problems motor mounts

Yes, your Odessey has motor mounts. Did you have a question regarding them?

Just about any vehicle can have motor mount problems. It isn’t odd. They’re just parts. They degrade, break, or whatever over time.

Right now no one has any earthly idea what you want to know. We don’t know what kind of a problem you’re having, how old your van is (year/mileage), why you’re asking about motor mounts, or anything else.

If you’ve been told that you need mounts and don’t trust whomever told you that then get another opinion.

It is a common issue. There is a flaw in engineering that leads to short life. There have been posts in the past about it here.

However typically when the common transmission failure on Honda’s occurs they get replaced.

If the OP meant to ask something along the lines of…do Honda Odysseys have a higher-than average incidence of motor mount problems…then the answer is yes. Many model years of the Odyssey also have a higher than average incidence of transmission failure.

However, these problems vary from one model year to another. If the OP will supply information regarding the model year and odometer mileage of his Odyssey, and whether the vehicle is still covered by warranty, he will get a much more helpful response.

I’ve seen motor mount problems in every model of car imaginable.

I have not seen every model of car imaginable. It does seem like their is a wide range of vehicles that can be affected by broken motor mounts OR perhaps since many of the previous systems that mechanics used to make money on have either been ugraded or eliminated it was decided to turn more attention towards the motor mounts, mans gotta make some dough some how