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2002 Honda Odyssey Motor mounts

Took my 2002 Honda Odyssey for a service at the Honda dealership, and was told that the side and front MOTOR MOUNTS were broken and need replacement. Van has only 68K freeway miles, and wondering if this is normal for a motor mounts to break. It will cost about $800 to replace both on them. Your suggestions are appreciated. thanks

Seems to be a common issue. See this thread:

And you may get even more info here:

Odyssey and Accord V-6 mounts tend to fail earlier than those on other cars, I’m not surprised that yours are worn. Nothing unusual to me. Your car is 10 years old. We used to replace Ford Taurus mounts regularly on cars younger and with fewer miles than yours.

Motor mount failure on Odyssey mini vans is a common problem. This is a heavy car and the motor has to work pretty hard to move the car. The motor mounts seem to be under designed for the job. If you wonder if the mounts are really bad, take it to another shop for an evaluation and estimate.

Yes, this is common with Odysseys. Stay away from the dealer unless it’s still under warranty. You can get this done a LOT cheaper.