ZZZZZ whine on '05 Caravan


My '05 Dodge Caravan - 16000 mi.- 3.3 V6

has a whine or ZZZZZZ noise which can be heard between 1000 -2000 rpm. ( not as noticeable after 2000rpm because the normal engine noise drounds it out.

One Dodge dealer tech said it is the idle motor (?)

When I returned for service the tech who said it is the idle motor did not work there and another tech said it is normal.(The van is still under warranty)

I asked another tech at the dealer and he said it is an electrical component in the trsnsmission that makes the noise and they all do it.

It reminds me of a bearing in the early stages of going bad.

The tech let me hear the noise in a '07 Gr. Caravan w/ 27K mi. and the noise was actually louder than mine.

Anyone out there have or heard of this or should I look for a bee hive under the seat.


they all do it

Yea sure. It’s a design feature.

Ask him to show you another on the lot that does it.


Is there an Idle motor ( whatever that is) on this vehicle ?


Right now you don’t care if there is an Idle motor or even if there is a motor. It is under warranty and it is making a noise it should not make and it is that that needs to be fixed. It is not your job to figure out what it is. The dealer must figure it out and fix it. You just need to tell them about the noise and when you do, sort of mention the Lemon Law. And let them do the rest.


My next step is to take it to a (hopefully) more responsible dealer. It is not a loud noise but it is a bit annoying. It is definitely not normal.