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2014 Dodge Grand Caravan whine - whistle

I just drove away in a new 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan - had 106 miles when I took title at the dealership - and immediately noticed the most annoying high pitched whine or whistle. It seems to occur under 2000 RPMs and starts around 25mph. It continues until about 45 mps and then either becomes less audible behind the engine noise or stops - hard to tell. When the car slows down, it comes back – most of the time. It changes in pitch as the car goes faster and as it slows down. It has been so loud at times that I think it’s a police or ambulance siren and I have gotten ready to pull over. It does not happen in neutral when I rev the engine - the car has to be moving. Turning the wheels doesn’t seem to make a difference. It is driving me crazy. Any suggestions? I am going to take it in to the dealer but I suspect they will just laugh and say that’s how the car sounds. I’ve never had a car that had such an annoying soundtrack - and I’ve rented about 5 of these minivans over the past 3 years and never experienced this, either. Thanks for any advice.

Check the weather stripping around all doors and windows and make sure they all close correctly and completely. Don’t forget to check if there is weather stippling around the hood also.

It sounds like it is coming from the left front of the car - I initially thought maybe it was air hitting the antenna. Doesn’t seem to be from any of the doors. Sounds almost as if the left front tire is rubbing or a caliber maybe not releasing. but it doesn’t go away when I brake. not sure what you mean by “hooch” - maybe hood? I’ll check that. Thanks.

If it’s that loud, you should be able to record it on your cell phone and play it back for the dealer. They won’t say “that’s how the car sounds.” What car whistles like a police siren?

And to track down the source, you can temporarily tape over the windshield border (where it meets the body) and various other body seams with masking tape. The tape will disrupt the airflow enough to eliminate the whistle if in fact it’s being caused by a seam. If the noise goes away with the tape, then remove the tape a little at a time until the noise comes back and you’ve zeroed in on the location.

Of course, if the whistle is from a vacuum leak or something else going on in the engine compartment, the tape won’t do you any good. But it does sound like an aerodynamic issue.

not sure what you mean by “hooch” - maybe hood? This is what my screen shows

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