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What causes a 2005 Dodge Caravan whine?

Considering buying a 2005 Dodge Caravan, but it has a whine. Does anybody know if this is something that signals an expensive repair? Or can it be driven forever with the whine?
Thanks for your help.

More information, please. Under what circumstances does the whine occur? Does the pitch change with engine or vehicle speed?

Red Flag ! Might be serious or not but with so many used vehicles out there why even consider one that has you on the internet asking if you should buy it?


Things that can make noise; alternator, water pump, power steering pump, A/C compressor and fuel pump. Each should be less than $1,000 to repair.

When a torque converter clutch fails the torque converter and transmission pump can make a whining noise, perhaps $3,000 to repair.

For a $2,500 vehicle any of these problem are significant, if you must buy this vehicle have the problem identified by a professional.

Run @NoPollyannaAnymore, Run away from the Caravan.

A whine today, is a bank account drain tomorrow! Many more used cars out there. Don’t risk your bank account on this van - unless it free, of course.

Buying a used vehicle with an undiagnosed noise is always risky.
Keep looking. There are more used vehicles out there. And whatever you consider, have it checked out thoroughly by a trusted mechanic before buying.


A Dodge or Chrysler vehicles are the worst as far as reliability goes. Run away.

Could be a whine from the differential in the transaxle. Very expensive, never buy a car with a noise unless you know exactly what the noise is and what it will cost.
Never take a seller explanation of what a noise is or what it will cost. Tell them to get it fixed and if you are still in the market you will come back and look at it.

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"What causes a 2005 Dodge Caravan [to] whine?
The sight of a Sienna? :laughing:


I agree . . . keep looking

If you KNOW what the whine is, the van might be a good buy, if the repair is cheap

For instance, several years ago, I was looking at a used car, which was in fantastic mechanical shape, with the maintenance records. The guy wasn’t lying, when he said he took care of it

Anyways, there was this persistent whine, which the seller wasn’t mentioning. He mentioned all the little dings and the new tires, but not the whine. Perhaps he thought I was a sucker

I had the hood up at one point, while I was checking the car out, and it was CLEARLY the water pump and idler pulley. No big deal at all, for me, anyways

We agreed on a price, and the car was mine

That next weekend, I replaced the water pump and idler pulley, and the noise was immediately gone. Problem solved. Just cost me maybe $120 in parts

Ooh. Thanks for the warning.

Thanks, old timer. You just put starch in my knickers.

The whine occurred upon acceleration. First test drive in moderate temps had no whine, next test drive was snowy and colder and whined upon acceleration.

Good point. Thanks.

It could be something as simple as a worn serpentine belt. But don’t gamble. Have a pro check out the vehicle.

Thanks, NYBo.

This is what I think. When selling a used car, if anything was cheap to fix, they would have fixed it. The reason that haven’t fixed this whine is most likely the cost involved in the repair.

Does the vehicle have a trailer hitch installed?

That makes a lot of sense. Thank you.

No trailer hitch, CSA.