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Whine noise -'05 Dodge Caravan

Whine ( ZZZZZZ ) noise occurs between 1000 -2000 RPM. while accelerating. Can be heard with trans in drive or park.

Noise is more noticeable inside the vehicle than outside. Its not a loud noise but a noise that is noticeable and wondering if it will get louder.

(Still under warranty thru June '08)

One service mgr. at Dodge dealer said it was the idle motor. (? ) When I brought vehicle in, there was a different service mgr. and their tech. said it is “normal”.He said it is an electrical device in the transmission that makes the noise. He also had me sit in a '07 Gr. Caravan -27K mi. ( which was in for service)to hear the noise and the '07 was

more noticable than mine.

I have a hard time believeing that the noise is normal but I do have some mechanical background and it is not normal to me. It is otherwise a fine vehicle( except for the 14mpg city. Hwy - OK )

Anyone out there in Car Talk Land familiar with this experience ?

fuel pump? ABS pump? Modern cars with all the safety and polution stuff have lots of things to make noise.