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Has anyone tried the product ZeeMax? Is this any good?

What does it do? Look like? Is it a liquid? Is it a stereo?

Blinker fluid replacement

ZeeMax Is A High Performance Heat Transfer Compound

Where do you want to use it on your car?

How much for the product? Send me the money instead and I’ll cast a spell on your car (to make it run forever and get 50 mpg) . . . I just got a witch doctors license from the folks who sell Z-Max. Seriously . . . save your $$, do your maintenance and drive carefully, you’ll be way ahead than the Z-mar guys. Rocketman

ZeeMax is a wide body conversion company out of England. Nope, never tried them.

I have to guess that it goes in the cooling system. If so, it doesn’t work well enough to help a good car or a bad one. Thanks to common sense answer.

That ZeeMax is a troweled-on or preformed material for heat transfer from a steam pipe to an object. Nothing to do with cars, so OP has me puzzled…