Does anyone have an opion of the oil and gas additive called Z-Max? I put it in with each 6 month oil change.


Why do you do this? There is no need for either oil or gasoline additives. You’re wasting your money.


I poured some in a hole in the ground and a beanstalk grew out of the hole overnight. The very next day I climbed the beanstalk striaght through the clouds . . . (you can complete the story from your childhood bedtime stories). Sorry CAV, just change your oil of schedule and forget the miracle stuff. Rocketman


Do you mean Zmax or zMax

One is an antibiotic and the other snake oil for your car.

In both cases using it without a need is a waste of money at best. In fact the antibiotic was developed because of the overuse of previously existing antibiotics when they were not needed. Cars don’t have that same problem, but frankly it is a fix for something you don’t have. Fuel and oil has all the additives they need when you buy them.


Z-Max acctualy claims that it is not an additive and that it soaks into the meatal to provide startup lubrication and helps keep carbon deposits down.


I found this by Amsoil


There’s only about 10,000 other products out there that also claim the same thing one way or the other in regards to metal penetration and holding down carbon deposits.
You don’t need it.


I think you guys have convinced me! Thanks, I will buy quality oil only next oil change and save money without the Z-Max. Z-Max is probably damaging my bearing and piston rings!