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Has anyone used the product ZMax? You can add it to your fuel tank and crankcase?

Awww, now you’ve gone and done it, proven you’re a persistant spammer…

you are wrong buddy

I was surprised to see Carroll Shelby on one of their commercials stating that he used the product in all his cars. He didn’t name the product, (I’m an incurable cynic) but I have seen the commercial several times over many months. I doubt that I need it for my daily commutes, but I’d look into it if I raced. On a track, of course.

I know someone who spent their money on this product and used it in their vehicle. All they ended up with were some fancy looking bottles.


I concur…100% spammer…no matter what he says. Either that or idiot with an IQ under 90…Wait…that’s the same thing.

you are wrong buddy

Then why start more than one thread?