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Zapped moonroof?

After getting a jump start, my moonroof is behaving screwy. When I turn off the car, it opens. Apparently, it thinks it is closed when it is not. It took a while to get the car jump started - the person helping me fumbled with the cables a lot - connecting and reconnecting but initially my car just “clicked” when I turned the key. What is very odd, is that when NOT turning the key, I still heard this clicking noise in the car, not from the engine but it sounded like it traveled to the back of my car. And then I noticed my moonroof opened during this time I was trying to get the car started. (I had not opened it). I don’t think it should have taken so much to jump the car - the battery didn’t seem that dead since I still had power to lights, windows, etc. My first thought was that perhaps this person reversed the charges and short circuited my moonroof. One thing to note, is that this is an after market moonroof. And, there are no other electrical components that seem to be affected. My mechanic just disconnected the power so I wouldn’t have a leaking roof. I have no idea what else to do or what might have caused this.

You’re probably going to have to consult the installer of the aftermarket moonroof. They should, hopefully, know how it’s wired. Maybe they can fix it.

If the cables had been reversed during the jump start you’d most likely have many more problems.

Thank you. And wouldn’t you know, the moonroof’s warranty just expired about 6,000 miles ago!

Well, of course!

It may just need to be reinitialized in some way. If you know the brand or model number, search the internet. You may find a simple procedure that you can do to correct this.

Will give that a try too. Thank you.