Horn blaring in the rain

One rainy mornin

G we were awakened by a bevy of neighbors, who informed us that our car alarm (blaring horn) was blaring and wouldn’t shut itself off. It turned out that we had left our moon roof* open, and this somehow set off the alarm. I had to disconnect the battery to stop the blaring, and I couldn’t reconnect it without having tphe horn start up again for two days. After that tme the alarm operated normally; we took it to the dealer, who couldn’t’t find anything wrong.

*Why isn’t it a sun roof or sky roof?

*Why isn’t it a sun roof or sky roof? A true sun-roof has no glass so to differentiate between it and one that has the glass it was named a moon-roof playing on sun and moon.

Back in the day of the custom van, there was a glass panel on the roof that was hinged and that flipped up or could be removed, and it was always called a sun roof. When they made these where the glass or metal panel slid back under the roof, they started calling them moon roofs.


I think the alarm didn’t go off, but instead with the sun (or moon, or Mars, or whatever) roof open that the steering wheel got wet and this caused a temporary short, causing the horn to activate like you’d pressed the horn button. Once it dried out, good as new.