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Moon roof stuck open

The moon roof on my 4runner will not close.

I hit the button, it moves an inch and retracts. I noticed when I opened it there was a grinding noise as it finished opening. Thank God I live in southern California and I don’t have to worry to much about rain.

Is there something I can do to fix it myself?

I thank you for your time.

Thank God you live in southern California and we don’t have to worry about your spelling (too much).

It will rain, sooner or later, even in SoCal, and when it does you’ll wish you hadn’t opened your moon roof.

Read the owner’s manual for instructions to close the roof in emergencies.

When it starts to rain, consider it an emergency.

That’s the first thing I checked. They left that chapter out of my book.

Most moon roof-equipped vehicles have a method for closing the roof manually. Look for a small circular plastic “plug” or cover somewhere on the ceiling of the vehicle, most likely near the electric controls.

If you do find this plug/cover, carefully pry it off. Underneath, you should find a receptacle into which you can insert a tool, such as a very large hex key. If you look in your factory-supplied tool kit, you should find the tool that fits into the receptacle. Turning the tool in the correct direction should close the roof.

And, take another look in the Owner’s Manual. It would have to be one of the worst ones ever issued if it does not cover this situation somewhere in its pages. I find that sometimes what you are seeking is not necessarily in the section of the manual where you expect to find it.

I’ll check it out when the sun rises and parse the manual once more.

PS I was kind of hoping for a response from someone other than my second grade teacher.

Checked out the manual; nothing. I guess I’m off to the dreaded dealer.
I will follow up on this and find out why they do not address this issue.
Thanks again.

I’ll tell them to weld the damn thing shut.

Try cleaning the tracks.

Moonroofs are required to have a safety system that reverses their travel if the roof during closing meets a specific level of resistance. It’s designed to prevent the roof from closing on a child’s extremety, or worse yet, windpipe.

My roof exhibits the same symptoms as yours every year or so. I clean the tracks and it goes back to normal operation.

Are you the original owner? If so do you know if the sunroof is a OEM? This sunroof could be a dealer installed aftermarket unit. If that is the case the sunroof information should have been given to you.

If the sunroof still opens all the way, you should be able to read the make and M# of the sunroof if it is a aftermarket unit.

From the roof of the vehicle with the sunroof open looking down towards the front of the car you should be able to read the data plate.

Are you responding to me or to the OP?

I’m the original owner of mine. Mine is a sliding glass roof. The sheet of glass sits atop a double neoprene gasket set and runs off into open troughs that run from the bottom of the A pillars to the back of the hatch. It isn’t set into a well like others.

I was responding to the OP, sorry for the confusion. I try to keep the post in order by time/date.

Not far south of me is a place called WV. The standard fix is a nice new unused trash back and a roll of duct tape.