Your "Cylinder IQ"

My “cylinder IQ” stands at 17 right now. In years past it has topped 50 but I no longer need a bunch of vehicles including my motorhome.

A V6, 3 4-bangers, a lawn mower, and a snowblower.

Guess I need to go back to school. :wink:

Gee, I only have 8, 2 4 cylinder cars. My lawnmower and chain saw, as well as grass trimmers are all electric. Al Gore must love me.

Car + chain saw = 5

6-cyl truck,V4 motorcycle, 4 thumper mowers, 1 leaf blower, 1 trimmer.

(just gor the record, how do you score owning a Wankel rotary?)

My cylinder IQ just went down a week ago when we traded in our Town & Country minivan for a brand new Honda Fit!
3 V8 cars
1 I6 car
1 I4 car
1 lawnmower

If I still had my RX-7 I guess it wouldn’t count. Also, my chainsaw and trimmers are all electric ( coal powered).

Caprice 8
Truck 8
Prius 4
John deere z turn Mower 2
Cub badet mower 2
free mower I got mtd rider 1
Pushmower 1

Chainsaw 1
Leaf blower 1
weed wacker 1
pressure washer 1
generator 1
troy built chipper shredder 1

So 32

Rc Nitro Cars… Do these count?

Hpi mt 1
2nd hpi mt 1
hpi road car 1
traxxas stampede 1

36 including these.

Iffen it’s internal combutstion, and it functions, then, yes, it counts.

Still trying to figure out how to score a Wankel. Any suggestions?

2x6 cyl cars
3x4 cyl cars
2x1 cyl lawn mowers
1x1 cyl chain saw
1x1 cyl trimmer

28 total

@DrRocket, you showin off?

No, curiousity. I’m just wondering if I’m as nuts as my wife says I am.

It would appear so…

2 1cyl lawnmower
2 6 cyl cars
1 icyl boat motor
1 4 cyl boat motor
1 1 cly snowblower
1 2 cyl triumph motorcucle
Doea a 1 cyl air pump count?
22 total. I am lacking!

Now for those of you that are really old and cling to the past… What’s your vacuum tube IQ? lol

Now for those of you that are really old and cling to the past... What's your vacuum tube IQ? lol

I have a 10yo TUBE SET amp by Cary. A whopping 12watts per channel.

Vacuum tubes! My IQ for that would be 0.

I remember whenever a car radio, house radio, or TV stopped working, I’d pull all the vacuum tubes out and bring them to the local TV repair shop - where they had a “self service” vacuum tube tester.

It took me a while to test them all, but most of the time it uncovered a bad tube.

I’m not really old, and I don’t cling to the past, but I do have a couple of my father’s antiques. A couple of them are radios, and while I’ve never looked inside, I’m sure they have vacuum tubes in them. I’ll guess my vacuum tube IQ is 6-8.

Now you’re talking! My vacuum tube index(10) is higher than my cylinder index(9). Some of the vacuum tubes aren’t that old, although a couple in an old reverb unit are. Vacuum tubes are still used in many new guitar amps.

3 - 8 cylinder cars- 24
2 - 8 cylinder trucks -16
3 - 2 cylinder outboards - 6
3 - generators - 3
2 - water pumps - 2
1 lawnmower - 1
1 garden tiller - 1
1 garden shredder - 1

Total - 54

5 - 8 cyl cars/trucks= 40
2 - 6 cyl van/truck= 12
1 - 4 cyl car= 4
4 - 2 cyl motorcycles/OB/implements= 8
8 - 1 cyl chainsaw/leafblower/lawn tractor/implements/ice auger etc= 8

13 - 1 cyl RC type engines = 13

Is that 85?!
Dang, seems excessive looking at it that way…


Wankel can be thought of as 1 cylinder with 3 piston heads. So with 3 piston heads per cylinder, it counts for 1/3 :wink: -ducks-

I think my grandfather’s radio has about 6 vacuum tubes in it. I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to doing anything with it.