Your "Cylinder IQ"

Some of my buddies, along with my oldest son, will sometimes refer to something we’ve called “your cylinder IQ.”

What you do is add up all of the combustion cylinders currently in your possession. This includes all of the cars in your fleet, your lawn tools, (mower, snowblower, etc.) and anything else that is powered by internal combustion. This also includes any engines you may have in storage. The caveat is that they have to be usuable or operable if installed in a car or device. If it’s junk, ruined, siezed, etc, it doesn’t count toward your total. It has to be usable.

I’ll start off.

My “Cylinder IQ” is 60.

I’ve a feeling some of you will have pretty high numbers.

Jeez! I only come in at 11.

I got a 4cyl car and a 2 stroke push mower, so I’m on the low end of that scale

What you do is add up all of the combustion cylinders currently in your possession.

Is this adding up the volume of all the cylinders? (If so, metric or US units).
Or is it simply a count of cylinders in your possession?

It gets hard from all my toys, I have not converted all the options. If it works that is all that matters. HP, CI, CC, Torque I mean lets start with a 90 hp evinrude, It runs great, pu;;s skiers and tubers, specs after that I am lost, 6.5 hp cuts the grass, 7 hp tows the big boat if it breaks, whatever electric motor on the weedeater trims the weeds lost in the world of numbers, if it works what do I care? 3.5 hp snowblower, 4600 watt generator, lost me!

One 4 cylinder car, one 6 cylinder car, one 3 cylinder out board and a one cylinder outboard, three cylinder tractor, lawn mower, chainsaw, trimmer, brush cutter, power washer, snow blower all one cylinder. Two cylinder generator and a one cylinder generator. Total 26… I think…don’t even come half way to 60. Someone owns a lot of cars…that’s five Duesenbergs !

My car + my power washer = 7 cylinders

My Honda Civic + my v-twin Honda Shadow Aero motorcycle + my Honda Nighthawk 750 motorcycle = 10 cylinders

I’ve switched all my lawn equipment to electric. In spite of the fact that this lowered my cylinder IQ, switching has made my life much easier in terms of maintenance.

If you count all the vehicles I maintain, I’d add my mother’s Toyota Sienna (6) and her pressure washer (1).

  1. Two cars. With the possibility that the 1991 is more reliable than the 2007.

57 good ones.

That’s not counting the 8 currently being built or the 50+ junk ones in the scrap aluminum pile; mostly Subaru.

JoeMario, that’s number of operable cylinders, not volume. As I said, junk ones don’t count.

For me, that’s:

1 4 cyl car

2 6 cyl cars

2 8 cylinder cars

1 330 Olds V8

1 350 Olds V8

1 400 Olds V8

2 1 cylinder mowers

1 1 cylinder snowblower

1 1 cylinder rototiller

For a total of 60.

Oh, wait! I forgot the Chevy 350 we bought for the '55 truck.

Make that 68!

I’m not sure where to even begin. Does the cylinder of a double acting steam engine count as one or two cylinders?


8 cylinder car
6 cylinder car
1 cylinder mower
1 cylinder string trimmer
2x 1 cylinder snow blowers. One’s a little rough, but they both run.
1x 1 cylinder generator–new in box, never used

Being high score might not be a good thing in this contest…

In Minneapolis, on the Joe Soucheray show, this was called the cylinder index. I don’t how some people get so high but mine is 27 plus 3 at the cabin. Might need a ruling on that.

Yeah, we kinda based it off of that. (I live in Lakeville.) We thought the name change seemed appropriate since we’re all “gearheads.”

If you own it, it’s part of your number!

As far as cars, we were 4/6/6, but just got rid of the Dodge Caravan two weeks ago, so -6 (I am looking for a stick shift replacement, probably 4).

The mower, weed whacker, blower are all electric, so this is the only time I can claim being “hybrid”.

The farther off the beaten track, the more independent you have to be, the higher your score. Provided, your name isn’t Jay Leno or you have lots of discretionary funds to " play with" cars. Then the sky is the limit.

I’m at 17.

One 8 cylinder car
One 8 cylinder truck
One 6 cylinder car
One 4 cylinder PWC
One 2 cylinder riding mower
one 1 cylinder push power
one 1 cylinder weed whacker
one 2 cylinder leaf blower
one 1 cylinder pressure washer.

So 33