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You Might Want To Park That New GM Truck!

And the beat goes on!

And the beat goes on!


And Subaru joins the parade: Subaru tells some Legacy, Outback owners: Don’t drive them.
52k cars included in recall.

Those dang robots out too late again the night before. Now a free wheeling steering wheel would make me pause a little.

They don’t make em like they used to, what in the world of

My personal opinion is that all cars are crap.
How pathetically sad is it that things like this even occur in this high tech day and age.

A few years ago I was watching one of those how they make it type of show and the story was about GM’s high tech factory where they build the current generation of Camaro.

It showed a complete body coming down the line and being eyeballed in a bunch of directions by lasers to check manufacturing tolerances.
The narrator stated that if something was out by more than .030 of an inch the body was sent back to be reworked. I was surprised quite a bit upon hearing that .030 is considered good enough.

A tolerance of .030 is ruler territory and I can only imagine the effect on suspension and alignment…

Yeah, with all the cvt problems, expensive repairs, and long term cost risk analysis I am on the 3 year lease for $200 a month then renew for the wife, though a towing vehicle my 03 tb is the alternative, repairs vs depreciation.

Any time I see the don’t drive warning I wonder how much of that is a real safety warning and how much is CYA. At least the auto companies are more forthcoming with recalls than they used to be.

In other news, GM discovered mislabeled window stickers for a number of 2016 SUVs. They overstated gas mileage by a gallon or two. All unsold 2016 trucks affected by the error will not be sold until corrected stickers are affixed. GM has not said what they will do, if anything, for the owners of 2016 SUVs that had erroneous window stickers. Note that they did not falsify test data, but printed labels with the wrong mileage. If it were me, I would have checked fuel mileage at the EPA/DoE web site and probably not have paid too much attention to that aspect of the label.

Use to tickle me a bit ,when nissan had recalls,when they had to send amended placards or stickers ,I know you are supposed to have the right info,but chances are I will run the tire pressure I want in the tires anyway(nowadays its pretty generic with the same type of vehicles equipped similarly )