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Again! If You Own A GM Pickup, You May Want To Park It!


Is this electric or the traditional hydraulic power steering? Sounds like electric which might be a case for early battery replacement.

Saw that on tv , said electric .

Is there really a need to park the truck?

The failure is a one second loss in power steering assist.

Nope! In my opinion, no.
I’ve got a driveway full of cars that all have outstanding recalls, several. OMG!
One of these days they could go to the shop… or maybe not. :neutral_face:

Government (think: Nancy Pelosi) knows more about the safe operation of my cars than I do. :wink:
(Think: your health care insurance, too.) :smile:

I’m pretty handy around cars. My mom didn’t raise any dolts! I can assess the situation and determine what’s what.

You do realize that most people on this board are here to get away from the political crap?

If you’re going to bring politics to this board? You’re on the wrong board!



Sorry, but that’s where car ownership and politics collide. Government orders recalls if manufacturers don’t do voluntary campaigns. :wink:

I wish it weren’t so, but that’s what it is. As long as government has a hand in cars and transportation, I’m afraid it will be a part in these discussions.

With all due respect, You are the one that brought up a government recall.

Are you kidding me?

A recall is issued by the vehicle manufacturer! Not the government!


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A software glitch causes loss of power steering assist, glad for the recall, but I drove my 72 f150 for probably 10 years without power steering assist due to a $450 high pressure hose replacement. I am not saying it should not be fixed, but it is not a death knell park it in the driveway if you are ready to deal with it. IMHOP (in my humble opinion)

No, I’m not kidding!

While the manufacturer issues the recall, the NHTSA can strong arm them into it. The US Government brought a criminal suit against Toyota for trying to block the NHTSA investigation. Not only did Toyota initiate a recall for unintended acceleration, they paid over $2 billion to get the Feds to drop the suit. Yeah, the government does get involved. That’s not a bad thing, either. Do you think manufacturers would initiate any recalls if the Feds weren’t read, willing, and able to make their lives hard?

BTW, Nancy has little to nothing to do with recalls. That part was silly. Don’t do that again, @common_sense_answer. Silly is my job. Oh, and @Bing’s, too.


Along with the faulty ignition switches that GM kept hidden for years that killed/maimed people?


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"Manufacturers voluntarily initiate many of these recalls, while others are either influenced by NHTSA investigations or ordered by NHTSA via the courts."

Anyone else purposely coasted down a deserted hill in neutral with the engine off (steering not locked, of course) to see how the steering felt? In my little car, it’s not bad at all. I did it because of all the (not just GM) stories of electric P/S failures.

I’ve got some of those in my driveway. I’ve read the court documents and assessed the situation and it’s not as dire as many believe, in my informed opinion.

I don’t want to downplay the recalls, nor would I encourage anybody not to participate, but I have not taken any of them for the recall, yet. It’s been years, I believe. So far, none have injured anybody. I swear one grabbed my pant leg, but when I turned to look the car was just staring straight ahead. :wink:

In my state it’s legal to ride a motorcycle with no helmet. There’s no emission testing or safety testing of vehicles, and it’s still legal to run with scissors!
Oh, the humanity!

I’m an older guy (Go figure how I would have survived with my attitude and all, right?) You have to consider that some of us grew up when cars didn’t have collapsible steering columns or seatbelts, single circuit drum brakes, and I still have my Jarts set, the ones with real points that could really kill somebody, etcetera, etcetera…

Whoa, Nellie!

My inadequate PC wouldn’t open that story.
So, I did some reading to find out why owners of nearly a million trucks should park their vehicles.

Other than right here I couldn’t find where owners are advised to “park it.”

Perhaps somebody could steer me to that information (in the form of a link or PDF, etcetera).

I see that it’s not really 800,000, but more likely 690,685 vehicles involved in the recall AND it’s possibly only 2 percent of those with a software glitch problem (690,685 x .02 = 13,814 vehicles) that could lose power steering assist for a second during low-speed turning maneuvers. AND this is for only 2014 models at this point.

All I’m seeing is that when GM gets ready, owners of these 2014 trucks are to return to the dealer for a re-flash.

From the horse’s mouth …
Part 573 Safety Recall Report 17V-414

I hope this helps anybody in a panic after reading that,
“If You Own A GM Pickup, You May Want To Park It!”

Like I said to @Tester earlier, I read up on these recalls and make my own informed decision and I encourage others to do likewise.

Folks, if you’ve got one of these trucks then call your dealer and see when it can go in for an update. Be cautious until then.

  1. Don’t bring me into it. I never mentioned her. I could fill a page though if you want.
  2. If you take it in for a recall, you get two months free Sirius radio. Otherwise its $5 a month for five months and you get free coffee and donuts while you wait and they list all the stuff wrong.
  3. I always take mine in for recalls as soon as I can.
  4. Yeah I’ve lost all power assist going 65 mph. It’s easy to move to the side of the road but a real arm buster trying to turn a corner. Got used to it though with the 86 and morning sickness. Never lost an electric power assist so not sure if this is fair.

Over and out

:joy: Ha, ha, ha…!
Good description, but doesn’t your dealer try and sell you a newer vehicle, too? You’re never tempted to stroll the showroom?

I thought that was the real intent of some of these recalls. :wink:

I could be mistaken, but I don’t think that ignition key ring recall cost GM. I think it paid in increased showroom traffic and car sales! A salesperson’s dream come true.

Park it at the dealer that is and go inside and buy a new truck ? :smirk:

“You’d think it would damage their brand,” she said. “But it’s actually helping to drive purchases at the dealership. You come in to have your old car fixed and see the new designs and technology, and wind up thinking ‘Maybe I’ll buy a new car.’ ”

“But sometimes there is no substitute for simply getting people in the door.”

“ 'A good dealer will tell you they just need to get a customer into the dealership, and they’ll do the rest, ’ she said."

Recalls can be a good thing for customers and businesses. :wink:

Failure of hydraulic power steering results in the requirement for a great deal of effort to steer especially at low speed but it appears that electric power steering failure results in having non power steering which is not especially difficult. In my 50+ years of driving most of my vehicles had non power steering including pickups, vans and even 1 ton flat bed farm truck so I don’t see how the problem would result in a dangerous situation.