Apparently, one more case of

… “The harder I pressed the brake pedal, the faster it went”.
Yes, that is exactly what the woman who T-Boned my friend’s Accord told the cop.
Those danged brake pedals are doing it again, apparently!


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Tourist season is starting here in Florida. I expect to see one of these reports a week intil late spring.

Stop picking on CSA! :wink:


Hey! I’m no stink’n tourist! :astonished:
I’m a lousy tax payer here! :money_mouth_face:


Maybe a mis-adjusted seat pinches a nerve in the leg, making it partly numb.
Then the panicked mind plays its tricks.

So are our tourists! The room tax or property tax, the sales tax, the road tolls, the gas tax! Yay!

Come visit, fill my state’s coffers and go home.