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Xterra Fuel Sensor

I have a 2005 Xterra, the check engine light came on and the fuel gauge stopped registerring at the same time. With a little research I see this is a common problem on the Xterra. The cost to repar is 500-700! I’m wondering if I can put it off till after the new year. What is the worst case senario if I wait to fix it???

You’re assuming the check engine light came on because the fuel gauge stopped working.

I suggest having the codes read to confirm whether or not the two are related. If the light is indicating a separate problem it might not be wise to wait.

If the problem is only the fuel level sender you could probably safely put off the repair. Keep track of miles so you don’t run out of fuel.

This problem did end up setting me back $500 plus but only because I couldn’t pass the state inspection. There were no symptoms other than the check engine light. The fuel gauge was fine but the computer kept coming up with a sensor problem.

I assume the high co$t is due to the gauge sender being part of the fuel pump assembly.
If you went to a dealership get a second opinion at a good independent shop.

Do you have any IDEA of what REPAIRS the $500 bought you? Was ti something to do with the EVAP system?