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Nissan Pickup 1995 - Check Engine Light; Fuel Tank Sernsor

XE, King Cab, 2.4L, 5-speed. Can’t sell vehicle except to dealer or dismantler (California) because check engine light is on (no smog cert). Engine/transmission strong, body/interior clean, so reluctant to take pittance offered by dealers. Tried to retrieve codes from computer myself, but even regular mechanic and helpful auto parts stores couldn’t get them. One year too old.

Paid Nissan dealer to diagnose. Didn’t give me the code, only the fix. “Replace in-op fuel tank sensor.”

Should I go with a cheap, after-market sensor? An expensive Nissan part, if obtainable for a 17-year-old pickup? Should I bother replacing the sensor, or should I just take one-half the value of the truck from a dealer? At least once a week, I get a note, or someone stopping by, asking to buy the truck.

Thanks for your advice.

I have a 95 Nissan Pickup XE. And there is no fuel tank sensor. Here’s the list of codes the computer can display when the Check Engine light comes on.

Nowhere is there a code for a fuel tank sensor.


If I’m not mistaken, Nissan’s that year would blink out a code on the ECU itself. My 90 Maxima would. I cannot remember how to trigger it but I don’t remember it being too hard.

Instead of settling for the pitiful offers of the dealerships, why not Ebay the truck if you are ready to sell. Some other states may accept the vehicle without emissions testing (Alabama, my state would) and you might be surprised what others may offer for the vehicle with a known issue. especially a Nissan truck from cosy California

If the computer is located under the seat on the passenger side, then look for hole with a slot heat screw in it on the side of the computer. Turn the key on, MIL light comes on, stick a flatblade screwdriver in the hole and turn the screw clockwise, MIL goes out, turn screw fully CCW, the MIL flashes the code.

BTW, if you regularly overfill the gas tank, that is add gas after the first click of the handle, you can get a MIL for the purge valve. Just stop overfilling and the problem will go away. Also, you might just need a new gas cap.