Wrangler rear end stability

I’m planing to buy a 97 jeep wrangler but when I test drove it the rear felt like it was swaying. When I would turn a corner it almost felt like 4 wheal steering. Something is obviously not rite. Does anyone know what this could be?

Also, can you add A/C to this jeep? If so, what mite this cost?

Do yourself a favor. Don’t buy a vehicle if there seems to be something wrong with the suspension. And if you want a vehicle with A/C, purchase a vehicle that has A/C.


Check the condition of the shocks and sway bar links. I don’t know how experienced you are driving Jeeps, but they often feel like the body is about to fall off the frame. Not a comfortable daily driver in my opinion, better for the trail. Adding A/C to a vehicle that doesn’t have it already will be expensive.

Forget adding A/C. It will be expensive if the original system doesn’t work, and more expensive to add it to a model without it at all. Some kits that add A/C to models without it can cost $2,000 just for the kit, not including the installation.

The loose rear-end can be from worn out shocks and bushings. There may also be rust damage or collision damage. It’s not safe to drive in this condition. No way would I purchase a truck with this kind of condition going on unless I could confidently know what was causing it and take the repair cost (labor included) out of the negotiated price. It would need to be repaired before I’d consider driving it.

It sounds to me like you may need to walk away from this one.