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Jeep front end shimmy, ugh

My jeep has a front end shimmy that is intermittent. The shimmy “fades” and then will come back stronger. It does not shimmy when I hit a bump, it’s constant. All the tires have been checks for round and one was replaced, the shimmy is still here. Most of the rods and the shock were replaces on the front end along with the steering box. Any ideas??

Thanks. G

What kind and year of Jeep?


What year and what body cherokee ?

It’s a Wrangler, 1997.

There is a updated steering dampner for this concern part#52088959ab. also the track bar will couse this shimmey.

Thanks for the quick response!!
Whose part number is this, and where can it be had?
Are you refering to the “shock” that is on the front end? That’s easy to see and I assume you mean it may be bad and needs replacing. Can you confirm, thanks!
Not sure what the “track bar” is. Do you mean it might need replacing?
I’ve looked under there enough so if you describe it I’ll know which one it is.
thanks again!!

That is a jeep updated part number from the dealer. yes that is the shock you can see in the front on the steering linkage. the track bar may be worn also.The track bar runs from the passenger side of the axle to the driver side frame.

While I somewhat agree with the steering dampener diagnosis there are a number of things that could cause a shimmy.
Worn ball joints, tie rod ends, loose wheel bearings, control arm bushings, bent hub or wheel, alignment out, and even tire balance or a faulty tire; even if the tire fault is not visible to the eye.

A measly 1/4 of an ounce out of balance can be felt in the vehicle. The tires were checked for “round” but what exactly does that mean? Does checking for round also mean they checked wheel balance?

As far as I know a faulty steering dampener is usually most noticeable after hitting a bump and is not a constant thing.

You guys are awesome! I’m on the path now, thanks.
The tires were balanced on some high tech machine, not the lower end quick thing they usually do. Several other things have been checked out also. And some more of these items yet to be checked. Thanks so much to you both.
Your time is appreciated here.