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Jeep Wrangle "Death Wobble"

I’ve been researching and trying to find an answer to the “death wobble” on my 2005 Jeep Wrangler. I’ve had it in to the dealer and two other repair centers and no one can identify the culprit, other than to say we can change out each piece of the front end a part at a time to see if that will solve the problem. I could buy a new Wrangler for that. I constantly have the tire balanced or checked for balance. The front and rear shocks have been inspected. The bushings in the front end have been inspected. The wobble is very suttle from 40-45ish. At about 52mph it is the worst. Above 55 and it returns to almost nothing. Braking does not increase the wobble. I’ve not modified anything on the vehicle. From what I’ve read on blogs this is a common issue for the Wrangler starting somewhere around 2000. Any insight is GREATLY apprciated.


Have you done all this:

Print it out and have your mechanic check all the components listed. If nothing obviously wrong, replacing the least expensive stuff and work your way up. Unless you have a Jeep specialist mechanic who knows exactly what to look for, the above link is your best guidance.

from what I understand there are many possible causes. there are many good jeep videos on you tube.

I don t know if you have u-joints in the front axle shafts like my jeep does, but I had a bad wobble when mine went bad. it acted similar to yours.

OK - Once again, edit your post and remove your phone number and location. It is never a sensible thing to post that much info on an open web site.


With the Jeep on the ground with the engine off have someone move the wheel from left to right about 5 inches while you are under the front. Grip each suspension joint paying close attention to any play. Slack at the control arms or track bar would be the most likely cause.

Assuming this is not related to a faulty tire or tire balance has the steering dampener not been considered?
That’s a common fault, easily checked, and cheap to replace.

A faulty dampener usually causes a wobble to worsen after hitting a pothole or bump in the road and which may then gradually subside.

Have the tires been rotated and balanced?

@ok4450 is right. I’ve had a pair of JGCs that had the wobblies that were both cured with a new steering damper. It is a shock absorber mounted sideways. It’s easy to take loose to see if it has substantial resistance, in and out.