CRV 2003 Not Starting

Getting multiple assured reasons why car not starting so battery replaced still no start: starter checked, fuse to fuel pump checked told not fuel relay how to find accurate answer!?

Go to a quality mechanic.


Define not starting.
It cranks fine? Or not. You replaced battery, so.
Battery=starter= it’s not ignition? It’s not fuel?
Who is doing diagnosing?

Thanks what I am seeking!

Doesn’t crank no sounds; first mechanic certain it was starter. Second certain battery. I read manual and checked fuses myself. Told it wasn’t fuel relay so it seems mechanics just keep changing parts too it works! My 40 year mechanic retired and left area.
Which is why I am here to get unbiased advice,
thanks all.

Have you tried shifting the transmission into neutral to see if it starts?



A motor that will not start will drain battery eventually.

You need to attempt what Tester recommended. Try a start in neutral in case the neutral safety switch has failed.


Thanks I will try that; and going to a recommended mechanic.

Ask your shop to measure the voltage at the “s” terminal on the starter during attempted cranking. Probe from terminal to starter case. It should be at least 10.5 volts. That’s where to begin. This is a common problem here, for many types of cars, should not be overly difficult for a good mechanic to figure out. Replacing a part and hoping for the best is not the best way to approach this sort of problem.

OP can use the forum search feature to see what other’s have done.

Thank you I will that’s a great tip. I will post what happens. You all have offered great advice. My almost 40 year mechanic retired and left area which is why I was seeking straight car talk and remembered hearing that “car talk” had carried on.

So the starter was the culprit after all. Waiting on the Nippon Denso as my former (retired & moved) mechanic used that. I don’t know how to put it in but that’s next hurdle. I changed oil and spark plugs and tires so who knows: even a senior citizen can learn. Thanks everyone.