Woman's 2016 RX350 not started in 6+ weeks!

Started the 2016, placed instantly in Reverse and backed out of the garage in Idle.
Continued several blocks in Idle out of theighborhood to slowly warm thengine.

BUT, her car squeaks when going over bumps.
Is the suspension to be lubricated? Has 50,000 miles.

Thank you.

Man’s cars not started in 6 months!!

Oh, the humanity! :building_construction: :boom::flying_saucer:

I leave several cars parked for half the year. It takes a lot of prep to get them going again.

Complicated Procedure
I disconnect the $5 Harbor Freight trickle chargers and roll up the extension cords, throw our golf clubs and Dahon folding bikes in the Bonneville’s or Impalas’ trunk, turn the key to start and go.

When I get back to Florida I repeat the process, but there’s only one vehicle involved on that end, that sits half the year.
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NO, he said “Woman’s” car. Not “man’s” car. That would be a completely different scenario, and thus should be handled completely different… :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

@Robert-Gift- Just start the car and drive on. As others have stated, you are grossly overthinking the starting of your vehicle. You are using tactics that may have been beneficial 60 some years ago- but today’s modern vehicles and modern fluids do not need the extreme caution that you are exerting.

Question: I see where you swapped out a “Winter battery.” Did the car need a new battery? or did you swap it our just because it isn’t winter anymore?

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I swap out the winter battery when I swap out the winter air from my tires.
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I started the RX350 and instantly placed in Reverse. Let idle move the car out of the garage.
Car traveled several blocks in Idle out of theighborhood before lightly accelerated.

We replace the winter air with pure dinitrogen from Co$tco!

My 1996 Dodge was unused since March 18th. After 2 months I started the engine, waited 20 seconds for the engine to idle down before shifting into drive, then drove the car for 4 blocks accelerating at half throttle to generate some heat in the engine and exhaust system, then parked the car in my back yard. I disconnected the battery and put a car cover on it, I will start to drive the car again in November.

Your Lexus might last as long as my Dodge if you continue to take your careful starting measures.

Our 2016 RX350 has a magnetic oil paheater attached when in the garage.
It sometimes gets called out in the middle of the night for emergency medical transports,o there is no time to lethengine warm.

While getting dressed, I should activate its remote starter from the bedroom - if it will reach that far. The garage door opener does operate from the bedroom!

Is it cold in May or June?

Do you save money on your telegraph bill by combining words?


If starting a car and driving it after six weeks requires this much angst and elaborate precautions, I can only wonder about the fearful procedures of switching from heat to a/c in spring and back to heat in autumn.


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So I composed a message to be as inexpen$ive as possible. His father would have laughed, he said, but also would have sent it.
Friendsay they have fun deciphering the “words” in my boring comments. Will also savelectrons!

I was just concerned abouthe oil draining out of thengine. Normally it does not go unused that long.

Rarely do I use the air conditioner because it lessens fuel mileage.
But doperate ito keep the compressor lubricated - usually when going dowhill.

Ever watch those singing competitions on tv? The absolutely worst singers always say how their friends tell them how good they are. Real friends tell the truth…

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For crying out loud, don’t slam the car into reverse just as it’s started, particularly if it has been sitting a while. The engine doesn’t need the load before the oil pressure has stabilized, nor does the transmission need a load before the pumps have built pressure and the unit is well lubricated. Not a good thing to be doing to any piece of machinery. Start it, let it idle for 30 seconds or so, then put it into gear and drive gently until it’s reasonably warmed up.

Thank you.
The Letsuck engine revs until under load.
How much damage is done by this high RPM before oil is pumped and flows by gravity to some parts?
I do not wanto put in gear whengine is reving. So I.mmediately place in Reverse before it can rev.

The vehicle moves in Idle until I am out of our neighborhood.

Don’t recall if I posted before, 6 weeks no problem for my car, left it at the cabins, started right up. I notice the 2017 rav 4 battery seems a little discharged after sitting 3 weeks, but imagine how long cars can sit on the lot at a dealer. Battery drain probably the biggest issue you will face.

Thank you.
Just in case, I charged her battery overnight.

Angers me that I cannot check transmission fluid level or quality.
The oil change light illuminates at 5k intervals buthe owner’s manual, I’m told,irects thathe oil be changed at 10k intervals.